CT University has  set up a School of Happiness and Well Being on its Campus to focus on personal happiness, and turning out students who will give back to the world in a positive way. The School has well designed, inspiring and absorbing rooms with motivational slogans, colourful objects and walls laced with captivating motifs and graffiti. The ambiance is flooded with light and musical vibes.  To make the effort further meaningful, the University has inked tie ups with Swami Vivekananda Meditation Pyramid and Global Glass, an international NGO. The School of Happiness has been place under the charge of a Deputy Director.

The organization and syllabus have been finalized which lay focus on happiness, self-esteem and motivation as tools to succeed and face life with joy and contentment. The ultimate goal is to prioritize the students’ happiness rather than grades.



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WEEK 1 ‘ | Introduction to the Class


  • What is positive psychology?


  • How has happiness been thought about and written about throughout history?


WEEK 2 ‘ | What Is Happiness?


  • Introduction to happiness: What is it and how is it measured?.


  • Why are some people happier than others?


WEEK 3 ‘ | Why Be Happy?


  • Is happiness a good thing or does it simply feel good?


  • What are the most important determinants of happiness?


WEEK 4 ‘ | Why Be Happy?


  • What is the happiness set point?


  • How does hedonic adaptation present a barrier to achieving happiness?


WEEK 5 ‘ | Why Be Happy?


  • Is it possible to sustainably increase happiness?


WEEKS 6 ‘| Positive Emotions and Living in the Present


  • Introduction to emotions and their measurement

WEEK 7 ‘ | Positive Emotions and Living in the Present

  • Dealing with Grief
  • Using Your Alone Time
  • Depression, anxiety, and panic disorders

WEEK 8 ‘| Gratitude and Positive Thinking


  • Introduction to optimism


  • Introduction to gratitude


WEEK 9 ‘ | Love and Kindness


  • Introduction to love, attachment, and close relationships


  • Introduction to pro-social behaviour


WEEK 10 ‘ | Coping and Forgiveness


  • Introduction to coping with stress and trauma


  • Introduction on expressive writing


  • Introduction to forgiveness


WEEK 11 ‘ | Goals and Religion


  • Introduction to goals


  • What is self-determination theory?


  • The benefits of spirituality and religion


WEEK 12 ‘ | Taking Care of Your Body


  • Research on meditation


WEEK 13 ‘ | Taking Care of Your Body


  • Introduction to physical activity


  • The benefits of acting happy


WEEK 14/15 ‘ | Students Presentations