Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS)

Without good strategy, the social mission of an organization will not flourish. There is always a need to devise strategies for spreading social innovations.  CT University has, therefore, should set-up a Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS) (i) To carry out diverse activities such as offering online and in-person learning for change-makers who are looking to develop, build, and scale their impact ideas, (ii) To identify and implement the promising strategies for achieving widespread and timely socio-economic impact, (iii) To guide the aspirant students get to where they want to be; whether it’s in the academia, the industry or the administration and (iv) to conduct Socio-economic impact analysis of University recommendations, technologies and programmes.

CT University officials of CSIS will devote time to impart skills learning experience and thus to positively impact the communities.  The strategy will help to focus on creating more opportunities around jobs, skills and training that will be useful for   local communities and the wider economy.


The social impact initiatives will provide tailored package of support including mentoring, skills based-workshops and team-building exercises for the benefit of trainees.  It will endeavour focusing on trainees for the leadership development. Young people from low-income backgrounds will be guided how they can access higher education and career opportunities they deserve or aspire.

Students will be provided hands-on-training in a range of skills-based activities and workshops, as well as through mentoring relationships. It will encourage young students volunteers to involve them in community welfare work (NSS) and youth empowerment activities. The efforts will promote national integration and international understanding by developing youth leadership by providing a forum for youth from diverse background and regional co-operation and exchange between people of various communities.