4th CAFR International Chefs E-Conclave

INTERNATIONAL CHEFS E-CONCLAVE Presenting 4th CAFR International Chefs e-Conclave by School of Hotel Management, Airlines & Tourism, CT University, Ludhiana, Punjab on August 24-25, 2020. The topic: Health & Immunity Boosting Foods: Back to Roots. To be Hosted by Chef Thomas A. Gugler, Chef Dr Manjeet Gill and Chef TZ Razdan. DETAILS Topic: 4th CAFR…

Concerns for Sustainability of Punjab Agriculture

CT University, Ludhiana presents an Online Expert Interface based on ‘Concerns for sustainability of Punjab Agriculture’. The eminent researchers in field of Agriculture disseminating the knowledge. Indeed, Agriculture is a backbone of economy in the Indian state of Punjab. The six speakers contributed their wisdom based on sustainability of Punjab’s Agriculture. WEBINAR LINK https://youtu.be/qqw261wRF1Q

E-discussion on Architecture and COVID-19 Relief

Here is how architects Can Support COVID-19 relief efforts! Right from  entrance and things till exit in public places everything can be taken to count of smart-architecture facilities. School of Design and Innovation, CT University, Ludhiana shares a platform for e-discussion on ‘Architecture and Covid-19 relief’. WEBINAR LINK https://youtu.be/f9yRUHUfIOs

‘Managing Business Relationships During the Global Coronavirus (COVID-19)

‘Managing Business Relationships During the Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Crisis’ e-discussion by School of Management Studies where the students discussed how various businesses are shutting down and have a major hit on work worldwide. People are using jobs. They discussed how to bounce back to the normal B2B connections and B2C connections in future. WEBINAR LINK…


The Team CT University, Ludhiana, Punjab is making sure to outreach its students and also the learners, academicians worldwide through the e-discussions and webinars. During this Lockdown, CT University’s each school came forward and shared about their domains. E-discussions majorly revolved around the pandemic Covid 19 whereas the webinars were about technical aspects. Even, some…