The Big Fish Pool Season 2

2nd December, 2023

CT University


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What is Big Fish Pool

In its initiative to bring together young entrepreneurs from various fields, CT University in association is organizing a mega national start-up event i.e. "THE BIG FISH POOL" on 2nd December, 2023. The event will be on the lines of the recently telecasted “SHARK TANK INDIA” on Sony LIV whereby it will help the budding entrepreneurs to pitch their start-up ideas in front of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, after which the investors will evaluate them and provide funding support to the young entrepreneurs. The event will be covering the following tracks:

  • 1. BIG FISH PITCHING: An opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to investors and receive handholding support.
  • 2. VC CONNECT: An opportunity for the entrepreneurs to receive direct feedback from successful VCs.
  • 3. MENTOR CONNECT: A structured environment for entrepreneurs to receive Mentorship from experts from various domains.
  • 4. STARTUP AWARDS: Felicitation ceremony to recognize rising startups of the Punjab region.
  • 5. STARTUP EXPO: An opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

Event Details

31st July, 2023


5th September, 2023


5th October, 2023


20th October, 2023


31st October, 2023


Pro- Chancellor’s Message

With the aim to grow more Entrepreneurs and bringing new technologies and to find new ways to push world towards new advancements. Entrepreneurship has that power of not only shaping the lifestyles and growing incomes but can drift our national economies too. But since it’s not that easy how it looks, many startups fail because of several reasons like not having a direction or proper guidance, financials or due to lack of technical know-how, lack of working space etc. We, at CT, don’t want one to fail because of these reasons. So, at CTU, we provide access to infrastructure, technology, funding, guidance, learning, networking and mentorship for deserving and committed entrepreneurs for them to excel their ideas.


Director IQAC's Message

We strive to create an enabling entrepreneurial environment for start-ups by bringing together diverse stakeholders – all under one roof to create synergies that will empower and facilitate a robust entrepreneurial environment for all. The Big Fish Pool is an extremely valuable platform to accelerate the journey of an entrepreneur as it brings the startup ecosystem together and this can provide the entrepreneurs with an opportunity they need to accelerate their journey from vision to company.


Startup Awards

To boost the Startup ecosystem of Punjab, we will recognise the special achievement of startups and present the honours to the finest in the startup ecosystem. It is a token of gratitude and appreciation to celebrate the growing talent that brings the best to the World. Benefits of Nomination:

  • 1. Opportunity to win the awards and get national recognition
  • 2. Massive Exposure In the ecosystem
  • 3.Valuable PR and Business connects
  • 4. Brand Visibility within the SME community
  • 5. Connect With thought leaders/ mentors, investors and industry Leaders
  • 6. Opportunity to self-evaluate your business
  • 7. Business Development Opportunities

EDC Team

Frequently Asked Question

Anyone who is an Indian citizen, residing in India, aged 18 years or above as of July 30, 2023, and of sound health and mind can register for Big Fish Pool. No person can participate on behalf of another person. A contestant shall enter the show in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. You will need to submit the requisite proofs of identity during the course of the audition. Also, note if you are younger than 18 years of age, please refer to Q6 in the FAQs.
Click on the registration banner of Big Fish Pool OR click on the Register Now button on the right hand side. All communications related to the show will be done on the email id and your phone number, which you will use during registration process.
The entire audition process is divided into 3 phases - Phase 01 - In the first phase of the audition, we ask for basic information about you and your business. This phase gives us a glimpse of what your product/business idea is all about. If you are selected in this phase, you move on to the second phase of the audition. Phase 02 - In the second phase of the audition, we get to know about you and your business in detail. You need to be prepared with all your key business metrics in order to fill in this form. In this phase, you have to pitch your business idea in front of our expertise. If you are shortlisted in this phase, you move on to the third & final phase of the audition. Please note, if you are filling out the forms on behalf of someone, ensure you mention their details only. Phase 03 - In the third phase of the audition, you will be called to a CT University by our team for an in-person interview, where our team will assess you and your business. If you are shortlisted in this phase, you will be invited to the shoot in Campus of CT University where you will get to pitch your business directly to the Investors. Please note that your selection for the next phase of the audition is not immediate. However, at every stage, our team will notify you via e-mail in case you are selected for the next phase.
You can write to us at itbioffice@ctuniversity.in or call at 9914113367. We will try to address your query to the best of our abilities
No. You can apply even if you just have a business idea. Participants at all stages of business can apply to Big Fish Pool.
Yes. You have to fill all the mandatory fields (*) mentioned in the form, without which you will not be able to submit the form.
You can write to us at itbioffice@ctuniversity.in or call at 9914113367. We will try to address your query to the best of our abilities
The University will go through the forms in detail and shortlist participants. If you are selected for the next round, you will receive formal communication from the email id: itbioffice@ctuniversity.in on the contact details (email ID/phone number) shared by you. Also note, that sometimes your selection e-mail may drop into the “spam/trash” section of the mailbox. Therefore, we request you to keep checking your “spam/trash” folder as well.
During the different phases of the audition, you will be required to submit the following documents & videos as instructed - For Phase 01 • Brief description of Idea / Startup • Team Members details (if any) For Phase 02 • Prototype/product demonstration video (only valid for prototype and trading stage) • Pitch video • Written business plan (if you have any) • Proofs of identity required during the KYC verification for later stages • Company registration documents • Documents regarding financing (from investors, banks, etc.), if any • Company financial documents (such as ITR, etc.) • Any trademark and intellectual property certificates All the above-mentioned documents must be in Hindi or English only. You will be informed in case we need any additional documents based on the information filled out in the form and mentioned in your in-person interview. Also note, submission of the aforementioned documents does not imply that the Auditionee has been selected for further participation.
The details shared by you will be used by the Company to evaluate your business for the contest. The details shared will be confidential and shall not be shared with any third party.
If selected for the next round, you will get a formal communication from the University from itbioffice@ctuniversity.in mail id. There is no other way.
A. There is no application fee involved for applying to Big Fish Pool. The entire process of application is free of cost. Any person claiming that he/she can help get you on the show for consideration is defrauding you. Please avoid. CT University does not work on such terms.
If you are selected for the in-person audition round then the travel, accommodation and all other expenses in relation to your participation, will be at your own costs. You will only be permitted to enter the audition venue upon submission of the required documents and photographs.
Second Round of Auditions will be either in University or in online mode (for applicants from faraway places), whereas, for final round, it is mandatory to be at the University.
Please send in your queries to itbioffice@ctuniversity.in or call at 9914113367 and we will try to revert as soon as possible.