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You are preparing for a professional future in the exciting and innovative world of IT. But did you know that 68% of IT decision makers report a skills gap ? Amazon Web Services is addressing that skills gap and preparing students to join the workforce. That’s where AWS Academy can help. Member institutions offer AWS authored courses that will help you become AWS Cloud literate and master the in-demand skills that hiring companies need most.

Why AWS Academy?

Top five reasons to register for AWS Academy classes

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It doesn’t cost you anything extra

Since the AWS Academy curriculum is embedded into your coursework, you only pay your normal tuition rate

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Companies are actively seeking job applicants with Cloud skills

58% of employers request AWS skills by name in listings that require “cloud computing” skills

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Confidence gain for your interviews

AWS Academy gives you real practice with AWS Cloud technology that reflect real-world scenarios

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You can earn more money in your future career

The average salary of an AWS Certified IT employee is 29% higher than non-certified staff

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You could be happier in your future job or career

Global Knowledge reports that IT professionals with recent training are 30% more satisfied in their roles

Here’s Roadmap of AWS Academy:

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Register for an AWS-authored course

AWS experts develop and maintain course curriculum, specifically for AWS Academy, that keeps pace with cloud innovation. AWS Academy member institutions have instructors who have earned AWS Certification and are accredited to teach AWS coursework. Through lectures, hands-on labs, group discussions, individual projects, and knowledge assessments, you’ll gain a real-world understanding of AWS Cloud practices throughout the course of your studies.

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Master skills that open doors

The AWS Academy program gives you access to the AWS Cloud skills and knowledge you need to hit the ground running after graduation. When you graduate, you’ll have mastered skills that open doors to professional opportunities.

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Unlock more opportunity with AWS Certification

Forbes magazine has ranked AWS Certification as one of the top 15 most valuable IT certifications. AWS Academy courses are aligned with AWS Certifications, which means that the things you learn are directly related to the industry recognized validation measure. You can pursue AWS Certifications to validate and showcase your AWS Cloud skills. And, as an AWS Academy student, you’ll receive one free practice exam and a 50% discount off your AWS Certification Exam.