Multi Research Focused University

CT University (CTU) strives to provide a technologically advanced, ultra-modern, academically and socially vibrant campus that offers a safe and supportive educational environment for all.


It owes its genesis to the establishment of CT Educational Society in the year 1997.


To ensure day to day application of acquired knowledge.


The programs at CTU bear the distinctive stamp of interdisciplinary and research.


Currently the group has over 10,000 full time enrolled students belonging to various states of India.

Healthcare is one of the major factors nowadays that people are concerned about. CT University is on e of the major tracks that lead to the major tracks that lead to the way of success by teaching us a proper way of healthcare. Being a student of MBA Healthcare CTU is grooming me to become a leader in a variety of different industries and sectors. I am thankful to the University that I am learning.

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To have a transformative impact on students by focussing on deep inter-disciplinary knowledge, solving complex engineering problems , leadership, communication skills, interpersonal skills, personal health and well being.


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“My experience at CT University is Superlative. I have grown with a great amend in myself. The University dispense us a great prerequisite and I am very happy that I am a fragment of CT University. The practical exposure that we get at School of Hotel Management, Airlines and Tourism is unmatched. All the faculty members are very dedicated and cooperative. Career really begins at CT University.” 
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CT University is providing me a vast knowledge about my stream. This university is a good place for learning with practical knowledge side by side. The combination of theory and practical is of great advantage. I am learning not just from the books or notes but from my practical exposure as well.