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Title of the paper Name of the Journal Name of the authors
32 E-Contents on the subject Cyber Security UGC MOOCS: A Vertical of SWAYAM Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Misuse of legal protection by women Punjabi university law journal Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
The pattern and Nature of Women Criminality in India The Law Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Women criminality: A Social Legal Study Oriental Journal Of Social Sciences Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Punishment and Treatment for Women Offenders Book titled "Perspective on Gender and Caste Inequality" Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Controversy Over Land Acquisition Bill: Pros and Cons The Law Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Human Rights and Judicial Trends Towards Women Prisoners Book titled “Judicial protection of Human Rights in India” Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Quality Concern in Teacher Education for Future Leadership Role of Teacher Education Institution in Present Scenario Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Inclusive Education: Need for an Hour Inclusive Education Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Historical Background of Prison Reforms in India Global journal for Legal Studies bi-Annual journal Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Meaning and Historical perspective of Surrogate Motherhood Indian Bar Review Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Legal Terrorism in India Book Titled "Gender Equality Feminism in the Contemporary India ISSUES and CHHALENGES" Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
An Analysis of Social and Medico legal Issues in Euthanasia Book titled "Criminal Law and Administration of Criminal Justice System : Emerging Issues and Trends" Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Drug addiction: An Ethical Dilemma Book titled "Redefining Morals and Ethics towards Transformative Global Citizenship Education for the 21st Century" Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Tax Evasion: A White Collar crime Indian Bar Review Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Ambedkar’s Idea on Social Justice White Black Legal Law Journal Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill
Book-Hindu Law Central Law Publications Dr. Divya S. Khurana & Dr. Basant K. Sharma
Protection of Environment at Time of an Armed Conflict: The Journey from ENMOD Convention to the Recent Draft Principles Provided by the International Law Commission, Provinces of Environmental Law Droit Penale Publications, Prayagara Dr. Divya Khurana
Ensuring Rights to Transgenders Constitutionalism- Augmenting the Spirit of Socio-Legal-Economic & Political Development Dr. Divya Khurana
A Uniform Platform for Adoption The Law Dr. Divya Khurana
Measures to Protect Human Rights of Women in India Human Rights and Good Governance Dr. Divya Khurana
Trafficking of Women in India- A study of Judicial Response in India uman Trafficking- Global and Local Issues Dr. Divya Khurana & Dr. Shweta Dhand
Gender Equality Feminism in the Contemporary India ISSUES and CHALLENGES Women Directors Dr. Divya Khurana & Kamaljeet Singh
Rights of a Daughter as a Coparcener in Hindu Mitakshra Joint Family: Some unanswered questions after Parkash & Ors. v. Phulvati & Ors MNLU Mumbai Law review Dr. Divya Khurana & Prof. (Dr.) Basant Kumar Sharma
Even with an order from Foreign Court, Indian Courts are under an obligation to ensure what is in the Best Interest of Child, Case Comment e-Newsletter, Chandigarh Judicial Academy Dr. Divya Khurana & Mahima Sikka
Should The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2000 be Amended? Panjab University Law Review, Vol. 55 Dr. Divya Khurana
LL.M. Thesis: Google Books Settlement -An Antitrust Evaluation- Rejection Decision Needed A Deeper Analysis MIPLC Master Thesis Series Dr. Divya Khurana
Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 Panjab University Maglaw (Student Edition) 2007–2008 Dr. Divya S. Khurana