Research and Innovation Centre for Excellence (RICE)

The Universities with well established system and facilities for Research and Development (R&D) are generally receiving community recognition. Moreover, the number of students seeking admission in PhD programmes is gradually increasing. This will intensify further. The research system at CT University is, however, building up.  In view of this, the CT University has initiated steps to strengthen research activities of different disciplines through setting up of a Research Division called Research Innovation Centre for Excellence (RICE). The broad based description of activities of the Centre are:

1. Developing system for planning, implementation and monitoring of research activities in the University

2. Formulating research proposals in need-based areas for outside funding.

3. Developing research collaboration with external agencies /research organizations/ industry within the country and abroad.

4. Carrying out problem solving and industry-driven research.

5. Organizing expert talks by eminent researchers for the benefit of faculty and students

6. Planning workshops, faculty development programmes, symposia and seminars, etc in different areas of research.

7. Motivating faculty to develop text books and submit high quality research papers

8. Bringing out research publications of the University

9. Initiating research journal of the CT University


The ultimate goal is to provide state-of-the-art research facilities to our post graduate students and faculty team members.The following output is expected from the operation of RICE:

1. Research programmes by faculty of CTU

2. Better opportunities of pursuing research by Ph D students

3. Tapping the resource of scientific and technical knowledge available in the University

4. Positive impact on regional economy by carrying out problem solving and industry-driven research

5. Developing qualified scientific manpower in diverse areas

6. Enhanced visibility of University through patents, recommendations, and publications

7. Promoting international flavour on–campus

8. Promotion of research-led teaching

Glimpses of Some Innovations