CT University, Ludhiana


S.No Title of the paper Name of the Journal Name of the authors
1 Effect of selected exercises with music on cardiovascular efficiency of adolescent children International Journal of Movement Education and Social Science Dr. Pravin Kumar
2 Psychological dynamics accountable for elite and non elite female archers Man in India Dr. Pravin Kumar
3 Effect of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Training on Physical Fitness and Optimum Health Level of School Students Man in India Dr. Pravin Kumar
4 Analysis of selected cohort age non sportsmen in relation to their body composition and health related factors. International Journal of Yogic, Human Movement and Sports Sciences Dr. Pravin Kumar
5 A study of selected ex-sportsmen in relation to their body composition, resting metabolic rate and medical health. International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education Dr. Pravin Kumar
6 Effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on flexibility of school boys. Scientific Culture in Physical Education and Sports Dr. Pravin Kumar
7 Effect of Plyometric Training in Volleyball Skill National Seminar on Yoga and Pranayama Dr. Pravin Kumar
8 Mobile Banking: A Need for Sustainable Growth in India Journal Of Critical Reviews Ms. Puneeta Sharma
9 Customers perspective on Mobile Banking during Covid Lockdown Period: A Study of District Kapurthala Psychology And Education(2020)57(9) Ms. Puneeta Sharma
10 Potential Impact of Covid-19 on Mobile Banking in Jagraon Sub-Divison, District Ludhiana International Journal of Social Science & Management Studies Ms. Puneeta Sharma
11 Citizen's Perspective About E-Governance Adaptability in Punjab ICPSB-2019 Ms. Puneeta Sharma
12 Mobile Banking: A Need for Sustainability IMARC-2019 Ms. Puneeta Sharma
13 Perception Towards Hospitality Industry: A Perspective of Indian Customer IMARC-2019 Ms. Puneeta Sharma
14 Worship of the Mother Goddesses: An Eternal Journey of Ritualism in Goddess Worship and Human Quest for Serving Fertility Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences, from International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Dr. Seema Parihar
15 Sakti Worship in Reference to the Rise of Nationalism in India Pragamana, International Journal of Rural Development and Allied Issues Dr. Seema Parihar
16 Salvaging, Transplantation and Reconstruction of Heritage Sites, Techniques and Problems: Journal of Modern Developments in Applied Engineering & Technology Research Dr. Seema Parihar
17 Sangeet ke Puratatvik Sakshya, Proceedings of Seminar, Department of the Performing Art, Himachal Pradesh University, H.P.University Dr. Seema Parihar
18 The Chamba Himalaya, History Geography and Condition of Art and Craft Prajna; Wisdom and Himalayan Culture, Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies, Dahung, Arunachal Pradesh Dr. Seema Parihar
19 Worship of Goddess Tara; Rituals and Possessions, with special reference to the Tara Devi Temple of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh Himalayan Journal of Contemporary Research, H.P University Shimla Dr. Seema Parihar
20 Human Resource Management in India; Emerging Challenges International Journal of Management, Marketing and HRD, West Wind Publishing House, Andhra Pradesh, India, Dr. Seema Parihar
21 Indian Caste System; A Sinuous Journey of Work Classification to a Rigid Social Order International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research, Andhra University Campus Branch, Vishakhapatnam Dr. Seema Parihar
22 Bhartiya Puratattva ka samrakshit Smarak; Pundrik Ji Ki Haveli Jaipur Shodh Sanchayan, A Referred Research Journal and Complete Periodical Dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Seema Parihar
23 Adabhut Nakkashi Kala Ka Prateek, Mirkula Devi Mandir Suchana Evam Jansampark Vibhag, Giriraj Saptahik, ISSN. 2454-9738, July 2014, Shimla Dr. Seema Parihar
24 Himachal Mein Sakit Puja Udabhav aur Vikas Himaprastha, Suchna Evam Jan Sampark Vibhag, Shimla Dr. Seema Parihar
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26 Solan Zila mein Khan Pan se Sambandhit Paramparayen Suchana Evam Jansampark Vibhag, Giriraj Saptahik, 2007, ISSN. 2454-9738 Dr. Seema Parihar
27 1 Gauravmay Itihas ki Gawah; Banjah ki Tamba ki Khan Giriraj, Suchana Evam Jansampark Vibhag, Giriraj Saptahik, 5-11 August, 2009, ISSN. 2454-9738 Dr. Seema Parihar
28 Mool Manter da Sampadna mulak adhyan Khoj Patrika Punjabi University Patiala Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur
29 Puran Kaav da Ras Gat adhyan Jan sahit Magazine Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur
30 Shiv Kumar Rachit Luna da Ras gat adhyan Puran kaav da ras Gat adhyan(Edit book) Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur
31 Kadaryaar rachit Kissa Puran bhagat da Ras gat adhyan Puran kaav da Ras gat adhyan (Edit book) Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur
32 Why is the employment outcome of vocationally trained youths so poor in Punjab and Haryana, India IASSI – Quarterly Mr. Satinder Singh
33 Employability and Earning Differentials among Technically and Vocationally Trained Youth in India. Indian Journal of Labour Economics Mr. Satinder Singh
34 Employability and Earning Differentials among Vocationally Trained Youth: Evidence from field studies in Punjab and Haryana in India vocationally trained youths so poor in Punjab and Haryana, India Millennial Asia Mr. Satinder Singh
35 Biomedical Research and Development in India: An Overview. International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development Dr. Azamat Ali
36 Emerging Profiles of Biomedical Industry in India Asian Biotechnology Development Review Dr. Azamat Ali
37 Risks of Nanotechnology in the Food Industry: A Review of Current Regulation Nanotechnology Perceptions Dr. Azamat Ali
38 Biomedical Research and Development in the Indian Therapeutic Drug Industry. Journal of Business Chemistry Dr. Azamat Ali
39 Challenges and Prospects of Patent Regime in Nanotechnology Development in India Nanotechnology Law and Business Dr. Azamat Ali
40 Policy on Risk Governance for Nanotechnology Development in India Nanotechnology Law & Business Dr. Azamat Ali
41 Emerging Scenario of Nanobiotechnology Development in India European Academic Research Dr. Azamat Ali
42 Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges in Nanotechnology Innovation in India Journal of Social Science for Policy Implications Dr. Azamat Ali
43 Prospects of Nanotechnology Development in the Health Sector in India International Journal of Health Sciences Dr. Azamat Ali
44 H.S Bhatia A man and A Poet A Prologue IMARC-2019 Ms. Neha Khanna
45 Study of climate change perception,mental health suicidal ideation and coping stratigies of farmers IMARC-2019 Ms. Tehseen
46 Study of stress and suicidalideation -a brief study SAMBHODI Ms. Tehseen