Under Graduate Programes

Post Graduate Programes



The School of Engineering and Technology mission is to nurture the bright minds and talents by advancing knowledge and educating students in engineering, science and other areas of technology that will best serve in benefitung both science and society. Every student should have acquired the attributes to make them successful in life. There are lot of job opportunities for a student. Students will be hired in various roles in IT companies like Software Developers, Hardware Engineering, System Designers, System Analysts, Network Engineers and Database Administrators etc. The growing demand for security has been contributed to students to get job. We provide Cyber Security Program which is an interesting, thrilling, highly in demand thus highly paid off and match the era. The diverse programs and activities aimed at developing quality of mind, ethical standard, social awareness and global prospectives. The Education model not only helps student achieve these goals, but also makes the degree acceptable. After doing the program students will also be able to work as an entrepreneur.


  • Through hands on experience
  • Industrial / Academic interactions
  • Assignment / task which require empirical research,
  • Live project based learning
  • Using active learning activities